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Auto-Kino-eu - gallery and events
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    Our offer. We use huge screens so visibility is perfect.

    Welcome to our website presenting the offer of Auto-kino / drive-in cinema. We present our experience in organization of such events.

   We offer complex service and advertising campaigns.
If you are interested in offer of Autokino / car cinema do not hesitate to contact us.

    Drive-in cinema website is a part of offer. We are presenting here only this part of the offer.
Auto-Kino-eu - perfect visibility

    Technology of projections.     Double screens with back blackout and professional projectors (digital and 35 mm).

Auto-Kino-eu - high quality of outdoor projections   Auto-Kino-eu - double screens with back blackout   Auto-Kino-eu - without turning off the street lighting
    Quality guarantee.     Variety of the equipment guarantees a high quality of outdoor projections, even without turning off the street lighting.

    Additional equipment.        Auto-kino, drive-in cinema...

Chairs for audience.

Auto-Kino-eu - chairs for audience

Director's chairs for shows' guests.

Auto-Kino-eu - director's chairs

Barrier post and ballast system.

Auto-Kino-eu - barrier post, ballast system

Crowd barriers.

Auto-Kino-eu - crowd barriers's a very good form of entertainment that thanks to fair price and interesting program (filmd, concerts, sport, theatre, games, shows, etc.) can be integral part of i. a.:

:: Shows, advertising events,
:: Twin-towns celebration,
:: Election campaigns,
:: Occasional events,
:: Integral meetings and camps,
:: Sport and cultural events,
:: Other large and small events.

   We use large pneumatic screens AIRSCREEN® with real projection surface (not made of transparent net). These are double screens with back blackout, and thanks to it nothing
is visible from the back of the screen.

   Fully non-invasive system, no marks in the ground - we use our independent ballast. Dynamic assembly and disassembly, we start shows after dark.

   The best place for drive-in cinema is a field with a pavement. The most often these are
car parks and similar places in the city.

   Hybrid exposure system makes it possible to send the sound through the radio in a car or/and through standard loudspeakers.

   For people who don't have car we offer chairs (2000 pieces), for special guests high director's chairs. Full conference equipment offer - click here.

   We offer also stage, lighting, surround sound system, electric current generators, etc.
The full offer of the equipment and services can be find on the main website:

    In Gallery of projects you can find photographs of our projects about: Auto kino / car cinema.

   We guarantee complex service, individual assessment and discounts for patrons.

We invite you to cooperation.